A True Safety like never before

Mystery Inspector Blockchain

NO1 Blockchain for pets healthy and safety, build the real and trust network together...

How you protect your Cat Dog Pet ?

slogan =True?

Do you trust Vendor fancy advertisement slogan ?

Testing =All?

Do you think all products are same with product safety testing in lab?

Google =Real?

Do you think all Customer Feedback on line is real ?

S'Pet blockchain

Mystery shopper

A Trust Network by Pet's Owner

How to Build the Trust network together by S'pet blockchain


Crowdfunding for safety inspection

Incorruptible result

S'Pet coin investor crowdfunding for Pet foods,toys and goods SGS inspection,verification,testing and certification sending by local Pets owner around the world

Real time and true result saftey check DAPP service

S'Pet Coin for checking service

Decentralize and traceable healthy and safety check trust and real time info search by global pets owner with S'Pet APP scan bar code on products to get the result form S'Pet Mystery Inspector around the world

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S'Pet coin investor sharing Revenue

Benefit other people as well as oneself

invest the products your pets usually eat or use to protect your pet , and also share the information as paid info to others to earn the profit.

lastest blockcahin mining mode , high profit and aslo make pets around the world happier safter .


Pet Safety Guard

S'Pet World No1 Pet products Safety blockchain

Eco system for pet's owner protect their pets
Eco system for vendor tracking and control quality


Share healthy check indicator paper information
by S'Pet APP indicator color detecetion Function
with food brand to Earn the S'Pet coin
when information was reach by customers.

Safety and Health check information form pet's owner

S'Pet is No1 Pet Guard network build by pets owner around the world .
We build and rebuild a Trust Network on blockchain

Healthy check with indicator paper

Use Pet pee indicator paper to keep monitor pets healthy.

S'Pet App color detection

S'Pet DAPP service update result to blockchain with pets infoation.

Health check information mining

Share the revenue by others pet's owner spend S'pet Coin for Pet Food safety information option service with health check information.

World first decentralize traceable pet health and safety Decentralized Autonomous Organization blockchain platform

Fast Growing Global Market

S'Pet Let coin owner easily catch the trend of future

Crowd Monitor and share to make a Trust health world to share the huge profit around the world.



And Boost Your Safety and Health bounds!

Our True Trust Safety Network.

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Global No 1 Pet Guard blockchain, innovation ECO system for pets owner build a Trust Network for product safety and health care

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